4. Hemorheologic characteristics of red blood cells based on microfluidics

● Analysis of hemorheologic characteristics of red blood cells by shear flow
- Low shear = RBC aggragation, high shear = RBC deformability
● Development of hemorrhagic factor measurement technology in micro channel (Rheoscan)
● Clinical validity according to changes in red blood cells cohesion, deformability and CSS characteristics

5. Platelet activation and platelet inspection by shear flow

● Study on basic mechanism of platelet inspection using SIPA
● High shear flow generation and internal flow analysis through speed rotation of stirrer
● Establishment of optimal platelet activation condition and analysis of platelet aggregation type
● optimal microfiltration conditions by platelet activation and aggregation

6. Development of fungi separation and crushing technology based on microfluidics

● Development of environmental nanosensor system for real-time analysis of fungi in living air
● Development of pre-treatment technology for fungi separation and disruption using microfluidic system
● Selection candidate for integration with FET & peptide-based sensor
● Securing original technology of pre-tretment of mold and analysis of separation and crushing princlple