1. Pressure and immisciblity based cell free DNA extraction system

● Research of sample pretreatment original technology for detection of cell free DNA
● Disposable kit design for low cost, high yield gene extraction without centrifuge
● Extraction of cfDNA using pressure gradient and non-polar solvent
● Development of integrated system of preprocessing and detection unit aiming at sample to answer system

2. DNA amplification molecular diagnostic kit based on microfluidic system

● Development of nucleic acid amplification kit using microchannel micropump
● Development of internal micro pump for closed loop circulation system
● User easily can control the circulation time according to DNA length
● PCR chip can be developed as μTAS (micro total analysis system) of microfluidic system

3. Development of virus diagnostic microchip technology for DNA detection

● Real-time detection of virus based on iso-amplification technology using microbead
● Target nucleic acid amplification channel is clogging in microbead pore
● High sensitivity based on molecular diagnostics
● Fast, multiple diagnostic tests (less than 15 minutes)